Transform Your Life Magazine

Telling the stories of dynamic, growing churches and the people and communities they are transforming.

Transform Your Life is a content-rich magazine with inspiring stories about people from all walks of life who have transformed their lives. Each issue of Transform Your Life focuses on a specific megachurch—its history, leadership and ministries—and the people shaping its growth.

In addition to profiles of people whose lives have been empowered, the magazine includes informational articles pertaining to real-life, everyday issues such as marriage, parenting, finances and leadership provided by some of today’s top leaders on these topics.

"When Barnes & Noble wants bookstore rights to distribute a new Christian magazine the churches need to listen up! Unlike any other Christian magazine being published, each issue of Transform Your Life is devoted almost entirely to articles about radically changed lives and the ministries of one faithquake congregation.

Global church leaders heard rumors of the publication before the first issue about Tommy Barnett and Phoenix First Assembly was even released. No-nonsense, life changing evangelism on almost every page for the unchurched and unconverted. Believers, be prepared to be encouraged, challenged and informed with every issue. You will feel compelled to share copies with your unchurched friends."
Dr. John Vaughan
Church Growth Today