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About Us:

Transform Your Life is a high quality, full color, 100-page magazine dedicated to telling the stories of dynamic, growing churches and the people and communities they are transforming. Each issue creates awareness of the positive, wholesome impact that the growing number of megachurches have in the day-to-day lives of those attending. It acquaints readers with these churches' commitment to the improvement of the communities they serve.

Our editorial and production staff includes experienced writers, designers, project coordinators and marketing professionals. Highly skilled photographers, freelance writers and designers round out our qualified staff, ensuring each issue is of the highest caliber and quality.

About Our Content:

Each issue of Transform Your Life focuses on a specific megachurch—its history, leadership and ministries—and the people shaping its growth. Profiles of people whose lives have been empowered by their involvement with the church are interspersed throughout the magazine. Every issue has additional editorial content focusing on personal and spiritual growth and development and contains inspirational articles about changed lives by recognized authors. Recurring departments in Transform Your Life discuss topics such as health, finance, parenting, leadership and more.

About Our Readers:

Transform Your Life magazine speaks directly to the millions of people who seek purpose in their lives and relationships in a meaningful spiritual environment.

The Barna Group, a well-known market research firm specializing in studying the religious beliefs of Americans, reports that 47 percent of American adults attend church on a typical weekend. In a 2006 survey, The Barna Group found more than one-half of all American adults said their lives have been “greatly transformed” by their religious faith, backing up the population's reputation as a highly religious people.* Almost 90 percent of Americans claim affiliation with a congregation, denomination or religious group.**

Transform Your Life appeals to a cross-section of readers. Some want ideas and inspiration and some are just curious about the inner workings of a megachurch. Others want to know more about the personalities and philosophies of the church's leaders. With many large churches having multimillion dollar annual budgets and staffs in the hundreds, Transform Your Life also appeals to readers who do not attend church regularly but want to know what draws so many people to a particular church.

*Source: Church Attendance at
**Source: American Piety in the 21st Century The Baylor Religion Survey, September 2006. Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion

About Our Company:

Transform Your Life is published by Partnership Media™.

Partnership Media provides churches communication tools to expand their ministry, spread their message and fulfill their mission. Partnership Media's mission is to serve the church and ministry community by offering an array of high-quality evangelism and educational media products.

Committed to excellence, the professional staff of Partnership Media understands that the heartbeat of churches is to reach people and enhance their lives. With the powerful media solutions—magazines, CDs, DVDs, DualDiscs and more—churches can effectively communicate their stories and spread the Good News in ways that will transform lives.

From concept to completion, Partnership Media's services include creative design, video and audio production, CD/DVD/DualDisc replication, printing, magazine and book publishing, custom packaging, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment.

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