Transform Your Life Magazine

Transform Your Life is a content-rich magazine with inspiring stories about people from all walks of life who have been transformed through their involvement with the featured church. In addition to life-changing stories of hope, the magazine includes informational articles pertaining to real-life, everyday issues such as marriage, parenting, finances and leadership provided by some of today's top leaders on these topics. Every issue includes:

Church Feature

This section focuses on the magazine's featured church. It familiarizes readers with the church by profiling the leadership and their ministry approach or philosophy and by highlighting several of the church's ministries that are positively impacting people's lives. A timeline of major events in the church's history is also included.

Life Profiles

Up-close-and-personal, real-life profiles of people whose lives have been transformed by their involvement with the church are found throughout the magazine.

Noted Authorities

Every issue of the magazine contains articles from recognized authors on such topics as motivation and leadership, family and relationships, money and business and other subjects relevant to daily living.

Reading for Better Living

Summaries of recommended books to help inspire and guide life transformation.

Food for Thought

Meaningful articles to make you think.

Words to Live By

Powerful truths to guide your life.

Note from the Pastor

A personal note from the pastor of the featured church to the reader.